DUI Risk Reduction Course

The DUI Risk Reduction Course is a 20 hour course broken down in five 4 hour sessions. This is typically a court ordered class, and a requirement, for those who have received a DUI and wish to have their license reinstated. The state of Georgia requires that all DUI schools teach a specified curriculum published by “Prime for Life”. 

The course is intended to teach the students about the dangers of drunk driving; and, aid in preventing convicted drunk driving offenders from driving under the influence again.​

All sessions begin promptly at their scheduled time. Students are required to be on time. There are no exceptions to this. Once a session begins the doors will be locked and any student who did not arrive on time will be required to re-register and repay to attend a new course date.


Cost Breakdown is as follows:

Assessment: $100.00

Textbook Required: $25.00

Risk Reduction Course: $235.00

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